Dr. John A. Norris, JD, MBA
Chairman of Norris Capital, Inc.

Much of this work I do at Norris Capital involves aiding drug
companies and medical device companies, as well as IT companies
and healthcare-IT companies, including cyber security IT
companies and fraud prevention IT companies, and as well as
insurance companies, healthcare systems, universities, and the
like, in identifying, describing, quantifying, addressing, and fulfilling
their general and specific needs.

The work itself includes helping the organization’s leadership to
identify, describe, quantify, address, and fulfill their organization's
key unmet, or partially met, needs. Included here, for example,
are their organization’s key leadership, decision-making, and
problem solving needs (described first below).

These needs include, for example:

  • Providing overall leadership and direction for the organization

  • Making the tough decisions and/or pressing decisions for the

  • Solving the tough problems and/or pressing problems for
    the organization

  • Also included here are their organization’s other key unmet
    needs (described second section below), including their
    marketing, contracting, negotiating, regulatory, risk-
    avoidance, and litigation avoidance or settlement needs

These needs include, for example:

  • The negotiating contracts and finding customer and
    partnering prospects

  • The addressing and fulfillment of tough or protracted
    regulatory needs

  • The avoiding of, or negotiating settlements of, litigation,
    against or by the organization and/or its leaders
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