Most of these organizations
are US or Global large
organizations, or rapidly
growing smaller
organizations, such as:

        Drug companies;

        Medical device

        IT companies;

        Healthcare-IT

        Government agencies;

        Foundations;

        Hospitals;

        Hospital systems;

        Clinics;

        Liability-insurance

        Health-insurance
companies; and

        Universities, and/or
their medical schools, law
schools, and business
Norris Capital does executive coaching, as opposed to
regular consulting, for selected organizations and their
leaders, including board chairmen, boards, board members,
CEOs, COOs, CFOs GCs, other senior executives, or mid-
level executives (an organization’s leadership).

In addition,
Norris Capital does substantial amounts of pro-
bono work for selected charitable and other pro-bono
organizations and their leaders, worldwide. This work is done
through full donations, or through under-billing the

Norris Capital is one of the best known and most respected
executive coaching firms in the world for identifying,
describing, quantifying, addressing, and fulfilling an
organization's regulatory needs and negotiations needs.

This is so because I,
Norris Capital’s Chairman, am a former
second-in-command and COO of the US FDA, where I
optimally used my background, experiences, expertise, and
achievements. Thereby, I identified and quantified The FDA’s
needs, and analyzed, strategized, planed, co-led, negotiated,
implemented, operated, and policed the last major reform of
the FDA, in accordance with my vision.